Dear Heather, I am writing to update you on my Bright Winter color journey. I have received so much positive feedback from coworkers and the general public. My initial reaction to Bright Winter was, no exaggeration-horror! I still have some trepidation with wild patterns, but the saturated color has won me over completely. I was misdiagnosed 30 years as an Autumn, and dutifully followed those guidelines to the letter and managed to make myself invisible in the process. Well, I'm not invisible now! Heather I can't thank you enough for the experience.

-Liz C. (Bright Winter)

Heather, I had SO MUCH FUN yesterday! It was so nice to be able to have a real conversation with a knowledgable person about "why" a color works and why it doesn't...to learn more about "saturation" (and other color-related terms), and to get up close and personal with a whole lot of different colors. The stories of your experiences of "letting go" of things that didn't work for you were so easy to resonate with. I wish you all the best and much success in your business. You are so fun and personable that I can only imagine -- in time -- that the word will get out about how good you are at this. And thank you too for spending so much time with me! I felt so good about myself afterwards....and I'm even hopeful that I could go to a fancy clothes shop now and pick out a gorgeous (and complimentary) dress for a special occasion. You were wonderful.

-Regina H. (Light Summer)

My draping was an amazing experience. Heather is a great analyst - so thorough and methodical that there is no doubt left by the end. It was also a little shocking because I went in SURE I was some sort of summer and wasn't very open to anything other than summer. During the draping process Heather does a ton of comparisons and eliminates one or two of the true seasons first, which typically eliminates the associated neutrals. We were able to eliminate Autumn and Winter. I have so many biases against spring that I almost felt panicky when I realized I was coming up as a spring. When Light Spring won, I was so shocked that she re-draped it against Light Summer (what I thought I was) and Light Spring was better. The changes were subtle but there was no arguing that the warmer tones were better. When she was finished draping, she put makeup on me and I just felt all the tension melt away. It all synced! My skin looks smoother, more glowing and now, when dressing in Light Spring colors, I don't feel the need for a bunch of makeup. A little concealer and some blush and I feel fine. That's a big change. I always needed makeup before to get some color in my face.

I have to say that the draping process was invaluable. It may be expensive but I have spent far more on the wrong colors. My free analysis in the 90s sure wasn't free in the end. I may never have self analyzed as a LSp because of my biases against yellow and orange, and would have continued wasting time, energy, and money on the search. And even if I had settled on it, by some miracle, I probably never would have felt convinced and been one of those who thinks they don't fit into a season. I may never prefer to wear yellow or orange but that doesn't mean I am not a Light Spring.

-Debra P. (Light Spring)

The experience of being draped is relaxing, informative, exciting, and there is an element of surprise! Heather is very knowledgeable about the process and points out interesting facts about skin tone, shadows, eye definition, etc., as she works. I felt like I was being given an education as Heather and I unlocked a mystery together! I was delighted when, after Heather eliminated all of the other season options, it was determined I am a Bright Winter!

Right off the bat, Heather showed me good blush and lipstick colors for my skin tone. I also had a personal shopping session sent to me online with references for Bright Winter clothing/colors/patterns/styles to help me get started. I am always referring to my fan when shopping for clothing accessories, and make-up. It takes away any doubt I have about colors I previously thought I should not wear - Hello, neon green!!!

Since I have started wearing "MY" colors exclusively, people have made a lot of comments, such as, "You look very awake lately" and "You look fantastic". I cannot say enough how much confidence my PCA, Heather, has given me! Even if you think you you know what your season is, you should still have the draping process done, and walk through the rest of you life with confidence knowing that your colors are working for you!

-Erica P. (Bright Winter)

Heather, I thoroughly enjoyed my consultation with you. It was so great to work with you! A few thoughts: You are passionate about the art of color analysis and you make the process fun, exciting, and interesting. You are personable, professional, and proficient in what you do. You create tremendous value and offer important specific information about to how to integrate color into the wardrobe. You are enthusiastic and you care about clients. You are simply an outstanding color analyst. Thank you for leading me to Dark Autumn!

-Sabrina A. (Dark Autumn)

I recently had my colors done by Heather Noakes, and the experience was incredibly informative and fun. It is so therapeutic to be the center of attention for a few hours and have magnificent colors draped in front of your face as you see which ones make you come alive, and which ones yellow your skin or bring out dark circles beneath your eyes. I was fascinated by the science behind this- I was seeing before my eyes that the colors I gravitated toward were making me look washed out and that with my Light Spring colors, my ruddy complexion appeared smooth, even without makeup! After the color draping, Heather did my makeup and after posting a pic on Google+, a friend said I looked "radiant"- hadn't heard that in QUITE awhile! I even bought a cover for my phone in a beautiful Light Spring blue! Thanks so much!

-Melissa H. (Light Spring)

Last year I did something that was honestly life changing. I was draped by Heather Noakes and learned that my ideal color palette is True Autumn. Clothes and makeup shopping has been a breeze since and I'm so happy I did it! I shop confidently and intentionally now. If you're interested in trying this, CONTACT HER! I promise you'll love it!

-Melissa B. (True Autumn)

Heather! I cannot thank you enough- I was telling my sister, just for the fact that you found the correct color foundation for me was worth the entire draping. The one I had been wearing my whole life was about 12 shades too dark. Wearing the lighter one has made so much difference. We really enjoyed ourselves, and I so much appreciate all of the time you spent helping me understand how to use the fan. Without that extra time, I would have been very frustrated. Thank you, again, and again, and again!

-Emily H. (Dark Winter)

Heather the Color Guru, I loved my color analysis! It was really an eye opening, fun learning experience for me, and you are knowledgeable, articulate, patient, and wonderful! Wow! I'm excited to dive into it. And, you're right. That bright color of lipstick doesn't look that bright on me. ;) No wonder you always look so stunning and perfectly put together. You have serious skills! I'm impressed!

-Lolly S. (Bright Winter)

Heather, thanks so much! I have been using my colors and it's amazing how much better my skin looks. My next step is to do a makeup purge as many of the colors I have are muddy beiges that needless to say don't look very good. I sent the picture to my mom and she said the makeup you did really looked beautiful. :) Thanks again for accommodating my session during your time here. I'm sure all of the ladies are as delighted as I am!

-Catherine B. (Bright Spring)

Heather did SUCH a good job, very professional, and helped me understand every step of the way. Heather was so systematic and really made sure I understood every time we ruled out a color as too warm or too cool. By the time we got to Light Spring, I was stunned, but could really see why it was my best. Thank you again for the very professional consult.

-Ellen B. (Light Spring)

Thank you Heather! I had a lot of fun and will be forever grateful for your insights. I have been shopping and playing with my colors since that day. You were wonderful in helping me "see" what colors look the best.

-Patricia S. (Bright Winter)

Thank you so much Heather. I really enjoyed meeting you, the draping process and seeing the finished result. I really liked the makeup you applied. It was worth the time energy and money to have the experience and get to see it with my own eyes. I will be recommending you too to anyone that expresses an interest in an analysis.

-Margot H. (Soft Summer)

I totally enjoyed my color analysis with Heather, and I was very surprised at how much I learned. I had an inkling of what my season might be (I was totally wrong), but I promised myself I would keep an open mind. Heather was very patient and explained the pros/cons of each drape until I was able to understand what she was seeing. After a lifetime of living with this skin and these eyes, I have some idea of what colors look best on me. My goal in the PCA was to open up my palette to something other than blues, and to broaden my makeup palette to something a little fresher and brighter. I literally stuck out my tongue at yellow, but Heather showed me why and how it worked. After she applied makeup and I saw myself in my best colors, I was pleased and astounded, and I felt like a princess. Thanks, Heather, for helping me look 10 years younger.

-Marcy O (Dark Winter)

My color analysis was awesome, and so informative. And so interesting. Heather was wonderful. She is very, very thorough, and has an excellent eye. Everything was so perfect. There was no doubt. And there I loved Soft Summer... thought it looked magical and glowy and soooo harmonious. Shows you that you just can't tell from camera/internet photos at all. And my, my, my, how I can't see myself. Real life draping is the way to go, and Heather was fantastic. It couldn't have been better. I recommend her highly. I am very happy with my season and it helped so much to be able to see the process. It couldn't have been better. Heather, you are really good at what you do, and I felt so comfortable and confident in your ability to see. Thank you again for an experience of a life-time!

-Gloria O. (Bright Winter)

I'm so happy with the outcome of my PCA. I said goodbye to some old friends in my wardrobe - lovely silk and linen tunics - but they are burgundy! I draped them before a mirror and instantly could see why they did nothing for me, why I used to get dressed up and still looked like an unremarkable person with a lot of makeup on. Somebody on Facebook made a point of commenting on my new profile picture (not just a like). Several others elsewhere have said they think I'm aging backwards in this neon blue. Can't wait until the tangerine sweaters show up! Heather, thanks for helping me to find my best colors. I feel terrific!

-Cara Z. (Bright Spring)

I just want to say that my PCA is working, despite whatever resistance I've put up. At first I resisted the cobalt and sapphire blues of BW as they are colors I'd never even considered buying in my entire life with a pretty promiscuous color history. Today I wore piercing sapphire blue to a lunch with friends and one person said "Wow! I LOVE that color on you, it makes your eyes go WHAM!" I know eyes aren't everything and I'm also wary of people noticing the color over the person, but I used to think of my eyes as a non-descript grey-blue-green, and now me and my BF call it "laser beam eyes" or "sparkly eyes" effect when I'm in right colors and it is nice to get some external confirmation. Thank you Sci/Art and Heather!

-Jamian R. (Bright Winter)

I really liked the color analysis Heather prepared for me. Finally, I feel that I am closest to my "season" than ever, and there is no longer this lingering doubt as before from my previous analysis in [a different system]. I am so pleased to be a Bright Spring. It's also much more relevant to my personality and outlook, and I like the wardrobe possibilities and general adjectives discussed in the posts on 12 Blueprints. Heather, thanks again for your work.

-Miriam S. (Bright Spring)

I really enjoyed getting my color analysis done by Heather. It was fascinating to learn what colors look best on me. It's already been beneficial when I've been shopping to bypass colors that I might be unsure of otherwise. It was interesting for me to discover that my palette seems to match colors I might be more inclined to choosing anyways... probably because I felt more comfortable in those colors. The makeup portion was also great. I really loved the colors used on my face. The color analysis showed me the colors that truly match me!

-Nicolette F. (True Autumn)

Having my color analysis with Heather was a great experience. Before my color analysis, my wardrobe consisted of mainly black outfits with an occasional punch of red. Now, thanks to Heather, and with the help of my personal color fan, I've added a variety of colors to my wardrobe. It's made shopping a lot easier and fun, and I'm now more confident branching out and wearing a variety of colors because I know which colors look good on me. However, the best payoff is hearing, "Wow, that's such a good color on you!" Thank you, Heather!

-Adrienne N. (Soft Summer)

I had an ok idea of what looked good on me before my color analysis, but now, thanks to the process with Heather, I know what looks best on me! Why settle for mediocrity when you can have perfection? Shopping is so easy now that I know exactly what I am looking for. I now have a closet full of clothes I love. I know exactly what to wear and that I always look my best."

-Tamber W. (Bright Winter)

I Loved my PCA with Heather. I'm enjoying my Dark Autumn colors. It makes it so easy to weed out my closet and I am getting lots of compliments! Thanks so much!

-Christine W. (Dark Autumn)

I really loved my experience with Heather. She made it informative, fun, and enjoyable. I found that many of the colors that looked good on me were ones that I really never thought did before. She showed me how to present my best possible self with what I wear. The color fan that was included has made shopping so much easier and I know that when I get something it is going to look good on me. I would highly recommend doing this. You won't regret it!

-Alicia W. (True Spring)