Q. What is a Personal Color Analysis?

A. A Personal Color Analysis (PCA) is a process, based on the science of color, that discovers what colors can make your appearance the best it can be. To do this, a trained analyst carries out a series of tests using colored fabric "drapes", which create effects on the skin that are observed and compared, to determine which of the twelve tones your personal skin tone coloring best fits within.

Q. What benefits are there to getting a PCA?

A. Each individual's coloring is made up of a combination of many colors. When we can find what those colors consist of and transfer that to our clothing, hair, and make-up selections, the result is one of complete harmony.

  • Look Better: When you wear harmonizing colors you'll notice brighter, younger, and healthier looking skin. Blemishes, dark circles, and wrinkles will be minimized and your skin will seem smoother and lifted. Your hair will shine, eyes will appear brighter and teeth whiter.
  • Feel Better: With your correct colors, you feel connected to what you wear which leads to feeling happier and more balanced and increased confidence. Subconsciously others will notice the harmony and respond positively to it; you will become more approachable. You and the colors in your palette balance and enhance each other to reveal the best you.
  • Save Time and Money: By using the color palette fan from your PCA, it eliminates the need to look at everything in the store, so shopping becomes simpler and quicker. New purchases, along with coordinating your existing wardrobe, will create a go-to closet where pieces are easy to mix and match so you won't have to wonder what to wear every morning. You will save by spending money only on clothing that is right for you and eliminate buyer's remorse by avoiding those wrong buys. The cost of the consultation will be made back in just a few shopping trips. It is the best investment for your wardrobe and wallet.

Q. What should I expect during a PCA?

A. The analysis will be done in a neutral area under full spectrum lighting. Your clothes and hair will be covered by a neutral gray cape and scarf and the analyst will also be wearing neutral gray as it does not alter the effects of the colored drapes we will be using. We will begin with an introduction to each other and to color analysis before the draping process begins. The draping process generally takes between one-two hours. After we have identified the correct coloring type for you, with permission, make-up will be applied in your correct tones to reveal the most beautiful you in your harmonizing colors. As the analysis concludes, I will provide tips on how to use your color palette fan efficiently with items from your own wardrobe so that when you're shopping, you can begin making correct color choices right away. Following the analysis, you'll be emailed a PDF document made for your seasonal tone with an overview and general guidelines to help you get started.

Q. Is there anything I need to know before going to a PCA?

A. Yes!

  • Please arrive without makeup on. If you feel you can't leave the house without it, you will have to remove it when you arrive.
  • If applicable, please wear contact lenses instead of glasses if at all possible. If contacts are not an option, there will be times during the process that you will have to remove your glasses.
  • It is much easier to come to the correct result if your skin is as natural as possible. If you have a dark or artificial tan or a sunburn, it is best to wait until it lightens back towards your natural tone.
  • Be open to the process and the result. It is important to not disregard a particular seasonal tone due to personal preferences. If the concluding result comes to that, it can greatly hinder the process that follows. The analyst wants the client to see and experience the color harmony achieved at the end, but personal biases can make that difficult. Trust in the objectivity of the analyst.
  • If you'd like, feel free to bring one or two people with you who will be honest and open to the process. Consider having your analyses done together, as seeing each others can be beneficial in many ways and is a lot of fun.

Q. I was analyzed in the 80's/90's in the four season system. How is this different?

A. While the four season system was a great idea and the beginnings of personal color analysis, it had many flaws. Each of those four seasons represented only cool or warm undertones and didn't account for the neutral undertones: those who have both warmth and coolness to their skin. Only about 1 in 5 women are a true cool or warm season so many didn't see satisfying results with the old system. It was also heavily based on stereotypes, which hindered being as objective as possible. In the twelve-tone system, the true seasons have been adjusted and two neutral sub-seasons were created for each main season so results are highly accurate and work well for people of all coloring and ethnicity. We also know that you can see any hair, eye, and skin color within any season.

Q. Is a PCA valuable for men?

A. Of course. What man doesn't want to look younger, thinner, and healthier? Men also spend money on clothing, so why not spend it on the right clothing instead of always playing it safe. In the correct colors, a man will present more confidence, control, and success, to name a few.